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Web Authoring Tricks


Get the font that you want!

Font selection in the web authoring program is limited. If your heart is set on a different font, use one that is common on your computer. Chances are your page will still be fine.

Open Microsoft Word and create your text, choosing the font, color, size and style that you would like to use in on your webpage. Copy that text and and then paste it in your web editor and update.




Just copy and paste!
(Cite your sources when appropriate)


Select and copy the digital image you wish to use and paste it into your web page editor and then update.


Tip- If you want more control over where your image is placed on a page,
create a table and paste the images into the table.

Animated Gifs are also an option for use.



Embed a Google Calendar

  1. Create a Calendar in Google

  2. Make it Public

  3. Click on Calendar Settings

  4. Copy Code

  5. Click on  <> html code view

  6. Paste code into html view of your web authoring web page

  7. Click on <> again

  8. update