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SMART Notebook features the following interactive tools:

·         The Welcome Center provides access to SMART tools, the SMART Notebook control panel, the Teacher's Hub, recently accessed files and more.

·         SMART Recorder enables you to record your actions on the interactive screen.

·         SMART Video Player enables you to play a video on your interactive screen and write notes over it.

·         SMART Keyboard enables you to type using an on-screen keyboard.

·         Screen Shade enables you to cover the screen, and then slowly reveal it.

·         Spotlight enables you to draw attention to an area of the screen.

·         Magnifier enables you to magnify a particular area of the screen.

·         Calculator starts your operating system's default calculator.

·         Pointer places a large pointer arrow on the interactive screen.

·         Screen Capture Toolbar enables you to take screen captures of the interactive screen.

·         Floating Tools enables you to select tools from a customizable palette of buttons.

·         Instant Conferencing provides access to Bridgit conferencing software (if installed).

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