Copyright Free Resources

Don't forget... Cite your sources!

The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use


Music and Sounds
E2BN's Digital Media Assets Resource Library: A ton of photos and school friendly images


Partners in Ryhme-Free Sound Effects

Amazing library of sounds

Lists of links to Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft Images and Sound (Mostly!)for Use in Media Projects and Web Pages, Blogs, Wikis, etc.

The Center for Social Media;
"Fair use is the right, in some circumstances, to quote copyrighted material without asking permission or paying for it. It is a crucial feature of copyright law and what keeps copyright from being censorship. You can invoke fair use when the value to the public of what you are saying outweighs the cost to the private owner of the copyright."

Free Images and Stock Photos

Cannon Creative Park-free photo downloads for personal use


Wikipedia:Public domain image resources

University of Cincinnati DAAP Library --
List of great image resources including Civil War

And yet another great list of sources