Digital Cameras in the Classroom

Digital Cameras have become a common household tool in the United States and both adults and children use them in a casual and fun way to document their worlds.

Teachers can capitalize on their students' positive energy and the camera expertise that they bring to the classroom.  Read on to discover tips, resources, and ideas to incorporated digital photography into the curriculum. Remember: Most of your students know how to use cameras already-- so let them!


Project Learn-Snacks: Using Your Digital Camera
Project Learn-Snacks: Transferring Your Images to a Computer

Cameras That Can Take Video

What can you do with 15 seconds of video?
Click here to find out some great possibilities.


Below is a short video clip by a teacher who used
video to engage students in the writing process.


Take a look at this Pop-up Card Tutorial. Using a digital camera, a sheet of card-stock, and some good old fashioned research, your students can show their learning in a fun and novel way.

Here are some other great ideas for using cameras in the classroom.
  1. Add images to an electronic presentation e.g. Microsoft's PowerPoint.

  2. Show the images from the camera directly onto a television screen. "A day in the life of your students" can easily be done for an Open House.
  3. Create a slide show of images on a computer.
  4. Take virtual reality tours of your community using images from the digital camera.
  5. Use a digital camera to document a student's progress.
  6. Store an image with a student's electronic portfolio.
  7. Send digital pictures to e-pals (electronic pen-pals) around the world.
  8. Manipulate the image using graphics software e.g. crop the image, change the contrast/color balance or carry out a whole host of 'artistic' touch-ups.
  9. Send a copy of the digital image to someone via e-mail.
  10. Upload digital images onto your own web site.
  11. Labels in the classroom : - Take pictures of students working at centers in the classroom. These pictures help students to see what they need to do.
  12. Author Pages - photo plus biography for back of student's book or writing.
  13. Student Records - photo for the file.
  14. Class newsletter - pictures of students are cropped to smaller than wallet size then placed as a border around the paper with the body of the newsletter in the middle. Insert pictures of things that took place during the week/month.
  15. Pictures for graphing. Make multiple copies of child's picture and use for graphing.
  16. Images for web pages/electronic newsletters
  17. Send pictures of a student's class or school to families who are moving in to your school community.
  18. Supplement to displayed art work - photos of the process, work in progress, etc.
  19. I've used a digital camera to do a slide show for open house
  20. Pictures of local environments in the spring and fall to observe seasonal changes.
  21. Highlight special events
  22. Students do book reports or reports of famous people. When they present their report, they dress in costume appropriate to that character. Using digital photos, their image is captured, put into a Kid Pix slide show and they provide a short voice over explaining briefly who they are and why they are famous.
  23. Document the steps of a science experiment and put it into a slide show to share with other classes.
  24. A first grade teacher took digital pictures of familiar objects around the school and classroom. She then pulled them into Kid Pix and had the students draw (using the pencil tool) the shapes that they saw in the picture.
  25. Take photos to add to a student created book.

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